Rochester Local Section (Chartered in 1912)

2016 Rochester Section Recognition Dinner

Honoring our Section’s 50 and 60-year Members
And 2016 Award Winners
Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Rochester Science & Museum Center
2nd floor Patricia F. Hale Gallery
 657 East Avenue


Cash bar – 5:30 PM
Buffet dinner (by Gatherings Catering) – 6:15 PM 

Award Recognition – 7:30 PM

 RM & SC Presentation – 7:45 PM

Building an Environment for Learning: The Inside Story on 

Elements of the Extreme 

Earth, water, air and fire—elements essential for life on this planet, yet destructive in their extreme forms. These natural forces embody the earliest work of philosophers and scientists to understand the makings of the universe, serving as precursors to what we now know as the fundamental elements of chemistry. They shape the way we live and inspire some of our greatest technological and artistic achievements. Get a behind the scenes view of the development of the Rochester Museum & Science Center’s latest exhibition, Elements of the Extreme; an experience that uses a mix of hands-on exhibits, facilitated programming, incredible collections pieces and fascinating live animals, to empower visitors to explore how humans and other animals adapt to the unique properties of earth, water, air and fire to survive and flourish.


Dr. Calvin Uzelmeier is the Director of Featured Content, Exhibition Support & Special Projects at the Rochester Museum & Science Center (RMSC), where he has been employed since 2000.  In his role at the RMSC, he leads the design and delivery of featured content for all audiences (school and public); provides content and engagement expertise across exhibition development and design; and leads front-end, formative, and summative evaluation of exhibition content. Dr. Uzelmeier has been a member of the American Chemical Society since joining as a student affiliate in 1991, and has co-coordinated the Rochester Section's National Chemistry Week initiatives since 1998.
Kathryn Murano-Santos is the senior Director of Collections and Exhibitions at the RMSC,. where she brings a passion for mentoring the next generation of museum professionals. Ms. Murano-Santos has thirteen years of professional experience in collections and records management, object research, public history, exhibit development, and grants writing and management, as well as an extensive background in diversity and cultural awareness training, including fieldwork and community service with indigenous peoples and other source communities. 


For more information, contact Maryann Mendel at

Recognition Dinner Awards

Rochester ACS will be recognizing

50 year members 

Dr. Kenneth D. Schlecht

Mr. Paul Timothy Hahm

Mr. Daniel Michael Meegan

Dr. 0. William Lever Jr.

Ms. Leta Arleen Mueller

Dr. Ronald Francis Ziolo

Dr. Henry James Gysling

Dr. Roger Lok

Dr. Jerrold Neal Poslusny

Mr. Gary Lynn Hiller

Dr. Jerald Thomas Leblanc


60 year members

Dr. Walter Cooper

Dr. Lee Joseph Fleckenstein

Dr. Stephen Edson French

Mis Gabriele Wohlauer


2016 High School Teacher of the Year

Ms. Lisa Mallaber from Livonia High School 


2016 Rochester Section ACS Volunteerism Award

Dr. Mark Heitz


Salutes to Excellence Award

Dr. Lea Michel


2016 ACS Fellows from the Rochester Section

Christine Landry-Coltrain

2015 Recognition Night

Our event was held at the RMSC Strasenburgh Planetarium Lobby and Theater on October 29th, 2015.  It was a great evening for all who attended.  We started with a cash bar, followed by a catered dinner by Mario's and ended with a Planetarium Show on the Hubble Telescope and how it was used to explore past, present and future space. 

Pictures below show the highlights of the evening and what you missed if you did not attend.  All photographs were taken by James Reynolds (Kodak).

 Entrance to Planetarium




Next 5 pictures show some of the attendees






50 Year Members

(Left to Right: Frederick Sauter, James Meyer, Maryann Mendel,

Thomas Krugh, David Weiss)

(Glen Labenski-Chair in back row) 


60 Year Members

(Left to Right:  Paul Cherin, Stuart Jones, David Brust,

Ronald Miller)

(Glen Labenski-Chair in back row) 


2015 High School teacher of the Year

Beth Mineo (Marcus Whitman High School)

2015 Rochester Section Volunteerism Award

 Beth Burns


2015 Salutes to Excellence Award

Jane Shebert


2015 ACS Fellows from Rochester Section

 John Texter


Strasenburgh Planetarium Show – 7:30 PM


Hubble Telescope reveals the true shape or Ring Nebula

2014 Recognition Night

On Tuesday, October 28, 2014, the Rochester Section of the American Chemical Society held its annual Recognition night. 

 Professor Eric E. Mamajek from the University of Rochester's                   
Department of Physics & Astronomy presented,
“How Old is that Star (and its Planets!)”

Some major take away for us as chemists:

  • The role that Helium and Hydrogen play in the cosmos
  • Life cycle of stars 
  • Difference in timelines from millions of years in Chemistry to  billions of years in Astronomy
  • International cooperation, openness and sharing of data 

Pictures are below:

Glen Labenski  recognizing Dr. Edwin P. Przybylowicz as 60 Year celebrant
 50 Year Celebrants
Beth Burns presenting Dr. Marie Lo Re from Pittsford Sutherland
with teacher of the Year
Glen Labenski presenting Brad Bovenzi with
the Rochester Section Volunteerism Award
Glen Labenski  recognizing Dr. Robert S. Moore as ACS Fellow
Professor Eric E. Mamajek's Presentation            
 Professor Eric E. Mamajek's Presentation
 Professor Eric E. Mamajek's Presentation


2014 Recognition Night

Date: Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Location:  Rick's Prime Rib House

5:30 pm:  Cash bar and Appetizers

6:30 pm: Buffet Dinner

(cheese and vegetable trays, rolls, salad, vegetable, pasta, potatoes, prime rib, chicken, cookies)

7:30 pm:  Awards and Guest Speaker

cost:  $30 per person

For reservations, please go to

For more information, please contact Heidi Asarese (

Guest Speaker 

Professor Eric E. Mamajek            
University of Rochester                  
Department of Physics & Astronomy

“How Old is that Star (and its Planets!)”

    Stars are born, live, and die - over timescales of millions and billions of years. Astronomers are only privy to observe stars during brief snapshots of their lives, and so we must use a variety of empirical and theoretical tools for constraining their ages and interpreting what evolutionary phase they are in. With the discovery of planets, and belts of dusty debris from asteroids and comets, orbiting distant stars, much of the interpretation relies upon accurate stellar ages. I'll discuss the phases of a star's life from collapse in immense interstellar gas and dust clouds, through the protostellar phase, to the stable hydrogen-burning main sequence phase, through the more rapid phases of stellar death.


50 Year Members

Dr. Eric R. Brown
Dr. Susan S. Collier
Mr. Victor L. Mylroie
Dr. James E. Oberholtzer
Mr. Amrutlal B. Patel
Mr. David L. Price
Mr. Bernard R. Quinn, Sr.
Dr. David M. Teegarden

60 Year Members

Dr. Clifford O. Eddy
Mr. Robert R. Parmerter
Dr. Edwin P. Przybylowicz
Dr. Wendell F. Smith, Jr.
Dr. Gilden R. Van Norman

2014 High School teacher of the Year

Dr. Marie Lo Re
Pittsford Sutherland  High School

2014 ACS Fellows from Rochester Section

 Henry J. Gysling
CatAssays and Eastman Kodak Company Research Laboratories (Retired)

Robert S. Moore
Eastman Kodak Company (Retired)

2014 Rochester Section Volunteerism Award

Brad Bovenzi
McQuaid Jesuit High School

Awards Night October 10, 2013

5:30-9:30 p.m.

Monroe's Restaurant
3001 Monroe Avenue,
Rochester, NY 14618

Guest Speaker:  Jim Wesley

Drug Chemistry Supervisor

Monroe County Crime Lab


A History of Drugs in Movies and Music
(Pop culture is often featured in our music and movies and the drugs portrayed represent drug use occurring during that time.  Using a timeline, we trace this connection from the1960’s to the present time, inserting important historical events along the way in an attempt to explain the connection. 

We begin in the 1960’s with barbiturates and amphetamines and the Vietnam War.  Back then, Valium was an everyday coping mechanism for the “Enjoli Woman”. Amid anti-government protest came; Hippies, LSD, The Summer of Love, Woodstock, the introduction of psychedelic music and the 1970 Controlled Substances Act.  Moving forward, the hardworking 1970’s and 1980’s featured Cocaine, Heroin and Crack.  Marijuana, America’s drug of choice got a pop culture boost in the 1990’s by Hip Hop.  Hip hop also had an interesting reference to Promethazine Cough Syrup and urban culture in the song Shoulder Lean.

We conclude with a discussion of why certain psychoactive drugs in heavy use seem to be ignored by pop culture Hold on to your seats, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride! )

Cost: $30
Cash Bar beginning at 5:30 p.m.
Buffet Dinner at 6:30 p.m.
(salad, roasted potatoes, pasta marinara, vegetable du jour, chicken french, london broil, fruit, rolls and butter)


50 Year Recognition

Dr. James Wallace Brown, Dr. Jack Chang, Prof. Richard Eisenberg, Dr. Jose Fernandez, Dr. Jan Haase, Dr. Lewis Hamilton, Dr. Monica Minton, Dr. Franklin Saeva, Dr. Joe Stone, Dr. Edward Walsh, Dr. E. Ming Wu

60 Year recognition

Dr. Eugene Letter, Dr. Richard Miller, Dr. Albert Sieg

High School Teacher of the Year

Mr. Robert West, Penfield High School

The Outstanding Paper Award by the Division of the History of Chemistry

Dr. Nicholas Zumbulyadis

Reservations are closed.   

2013 Awards Night Pictures

Awards Night  October 10, 2013 


Dr. Kim Chichester presented awards to 50 and 60 year members.

Heidi Asarese served as Chairperson for Awards Dinner


 Guest Speaker:  James Wesley

Monroe County Crime Lab

A History of Drugs in Movies and Music


The following people were recognized at our Awards Dinner at Monroe's Restaurant.

50 Year Recognition

Dr. Jack Chang



Prof. Richard Eisenberg


 Dr. Jose Fernandez


Dr. Lewis Hamilton

 Dr. Monica Minton


Dr. Franklin Saeva

 Dr. Edward Walsh


60 Year recognition 


Dr. Richard Miller


Dr. Albert Sieg

 High School Teacher of the Year

Beth Burns presenting High School Teacher Award


Robert West

Penfield High School

2013 High School Teacher of the Year


2012 Outstanding Paper Award

from the Division of the History of Chemistry (HIST)


Dr. Carmen Giunta

Editor for the Bulletin for the History of Chemistry

presented the award.


Dr. Nicholas Zumbulyadis

2012 Outstanding Paper Award

“Böttger's Eureka! New Insights into the European
Reinvention of Porcelain.”



                           Awards Dinner October 1, 2012

Professor Amy Irwin, State University of New York, Monroe Commuity College,served as announcer during the Award Ceremony.  

 Professor Bassam Shakhashiri, 2012 President of the American Chemical Society,

handed out all awards.  The local awards are listed below.


                 Rochester Section 60 Year Recognition

                                             Dr. J. Raymond Hensler

Dr. Lieng Huang Lee 


                                          Dr. Julius L. Silver


                 Rochester Section 50 Year Recognition


 Dr. Derek D. Chapman


 Dr. Phillip T. S. Lau


 Dr. David M. Sturmer



 Dr. Paul L. Valint Jr

Mr. James V. Griepenburg, Dr. Harry Price and Mr. John J. Wheeler were not able to attend the dinner.


              Rochester Section Teacher of the Year Award


Candace Schneggenburger 


Salute to Excellence Award for bringing “Adventures in Chemistry and Physics Program to many children to enrich their exposure to science.”

Deborah L. Janes

Tiimothy E. Wilson


Salute to Excellence Award for developing and implementing the 2008 Rochester Section’s  “Chemistry and the Arts Lecture Series” which highlighted the role of Chemistry in the Arts.

Dr. Nicholas Zumbulyadis

Dr. Henry Gysling

Professor Richard Hartmann


Recognition for Rochester Section's 100 year Anniversary

Steve Szatynski, 2012 Chair of the Rochester ACS Section

                      Nerm 2012 Leadership Recognition

Professor Richard Hartmann

General Chair NERM 2012


Dr. Terry Bluhm

Program Chair NERM 2012


Rochester ACS Group

To facilitate networking, collaborate on ideas and exchange job information.

Jim Reynolds (coordinator)

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