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Focus on Rochester Area Companies with              Chemistry-Based Technologies

For over a century the Rochester area has been a center for the development and commercialization of innovative new technologies based on chemistry.  From the pioneering  work of George Eastman that made photography available to all, through the array of products emerging from other  Rochester area laboratories  such as Xerox, Bausch & Lomb, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Carestream,  and the University of Rochester, this rich tradition in chemistry continues.   In addition to these large  R&D  facilities, a major recent focus in the development of new chemistry-based technologies has been smaller start-ups, many founded and staffed by scientists downsized from the larger area companies.  

The Rochester Section provides an opportunity for these new companies to describe their companies and technologies through presentations at our monthly Networking Mixers .  At these monthly Networking Mixers our members, and other  interested attendees, can learn about these companies and their technologies/products (and possible employment opportunities), from company scientists  in an informal atmosphere.   A feature article describing the history and  technology of the company presenting  at that month’s Networking Mixer will also be posted on the Section’s Web site (and archived for future reference).

If your company wants to make such a presentation  (i.e., set up a poster and/or product display or product concept if company is in the development stage) and have 1 or more company representatives present to describe/discuss the company and its technology in an informal setting to Mixer attendees,

please contact Henry Gysling (Tel.: 507-8157 ; e-mail:

SensiVida Medical Technologies, Inc. 

President--Jose Mir
Chief Technical Officer--John Spoonhower

 SensiVida has developed an innovative approach to non-invasive medical diagnostics based on its proprietary microsystems-based optical technology which automates bio-sensing and data acquisition while minimizing patient discomfort.

Natcore Technology, Inc.


Natcore Technology, Inc. has its corporate offices located in Red Bank, NJ.  Presently, Natcore’s Research and Development Center is located in Kodak's Eastman Business Park.  

Dr. David Levy is the Director of Research & Technology at the Center. 

Natcore’s photovoltaic technology based on black silicon, a surface modified form of silicon with enhanced light absorption, has promising applications in the solar industry.

Web Site:

Transparent Materials

Transparent Materials, Llc is located in Rochester, NY and was founded in 2008.  Dr. Joseph Bringley is Founder & President.  Transparent Materials’ technology is developed  for medical and dental implants that allows them to be better integrated into the human body, speeding the healing process, extending implant life and durability, and aiding diagnoses.

R-Display & Lighting

Founder & CEO: Dr. Tommie L. Royster

The mission of R-Display & Lighting is to leverage core expertise in Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology, including materials, device fabrication and manufacturing operations to deliver advanced flat panel display and lighting products at a competitive cost for manufacturing.

Web Site:

Intrinsiq Materials

Dr. Michael Carmody, Manager, Ink R&D

  Intrinsiq's metallic inks: These products utilize their novel nanoparticle technology and are designed for photonic curing in air at room temperature to provide conductive patterns on a variety of substrates.
Web site:


BigSky Technologies, LLC

Dr. Cathy Fleischer, President

 Innovative textile finishing technology, GreenShield®, for the coatings, fabrics, and composites industries using cost-effective, sustainable manufacturing processes and reducing or eliminating use of harmful chemicals.                    
Web site:


     Integrated Nano-Technologies

Integrated Nano-Technology has innovative technology for accurate field and point-of-contact diagnostics.

Senior Chemist: John Noonan


 Cerion Technology, Inc

Product / Technology:   Proprietary processes for large scale manufacture of
                                         nanophase oxides - powders and  dispersions
                                         Applications in transportation, energy, catalysis and
                                         pharmaceutical industries
Address:  1 Blossom Road, Rochester, NY 14610
President:  Mr. Mick Stadler                                                                                                                      
CTO:  Dr. Kenneth J. Reed                          

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Product / Technology:  Advanced structural ceramics technology
                                        Fabrication of precision high strength ceramic parts
                                        by a proprietary netforming process

Address:   Rochester Technology Park
                  771 Elmgrove Road
                  Rochester, NY 14624
President & Company Founder:   Dr. Sam Ghosh

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Product / Technology:  Fabrication of precision metal parts by a proprietary
                                         electroforming process

Address:  72 Cascade Drive, Rochester, NY 14614
President & Company Founder:  Berl Stein

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