Rochester Local Section (Chartered in 1912)

Adventures in Chemistry and Physics--2015 Schedule 

Feb 26 Cub Scout Pack 315
March 18 Byron-Bergen MS
April 9 E3 Fair at RIT
May 15 SED at SJFC
July 21 Newman Riga Library summer reading program
October 3 Scottsville, Free Library
October 24 and 25 National Chemistry Week ar RMSC

Adventures in Chemistry and Physics--2014 Schedule                   

April 8 E3 Fair at RIT
April 22 Chemists Celebrate Earth Day "The Wonders of Water"
May 16 Science Exploration Days at St. John Fisher College
July 14 Brighton Memorial Library summer reading program, "Fizz, Boom, Read"
July 28 Ogden Library summer reading program, "Fizz, Boom, Read"
August 5 Chili Library summer reading program, "Fizz, Boom, Read"

Future Event: National Chemistry Week in October "The Sweet Side of Chemistry - Candy" 

Adventures in Chemistry and Physics

The goal of the program is to encourage students to be curious about science, entertain new ideas, and try experimenting.  This program stresses the importance of reading, writing, and mathematics in the study of science. 


These science presentations are formulated to deliver grade appropriate information that is aligned with educational curriculum.  Deborah Janes and Timothy Wilson manage and implement the entire program through the Rochester Section of the American Chemical Society.


Deborah Janes at

Timothy Wilson at



Audiences Include

Facilities for Children with Disabilities
Boy Scouts
Girl Scouts
Not For Profit Groups
Day Care Facilities
Elementary Schools
Middle Schools
High Schools
Home School Groups
General Public


Typical Yearly Performances

National Engineering Week
NYS Science Educators Conference
STANYS-CWS Science Congress
Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work
Discover “E”
E3 Science Fair
National Science Olympiad
High School Recognition Night
Science Saturdays at RMSC
National Chemistry Week
STANYS at Ellenville
National Mole Day
Chemists Celebrate Earth Day
City of Rochester Career Improvement Day
Local and National ACS events


Rochester ACS Group

To facilitate networking, collaborate on ideas and exchange job information.

Jim Reynolds (coordinator)

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, May 15 at 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Monday, May 28 at 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Tuesday, Jun 19 at 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Tuesday, Jul 17 at 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

National Meeting Countdown

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